What are Developmental Milestones?

Hey Mama, Are you wondering What are Developmental Milestones? Well, you came to the right place! In the article, we will be discussing What are Developmental Milestones, Four Developmental Domains, Why are Milestones Important, When to Worry, and How to Celebrate a Baby's Milestones.

Did You Know?

Developmental Milestones give us important clues about a Child’s Developmental Health. Baby Milestones can look like a child smiling for the first time, rolling over by themselves, and waving “bye-bye” these are all Milestones. All Child Milestones that are listed are just a glance. To see where your child is developmental: grab your Milestones Checklist!

What are Developmental Milestones?

To access whether an infant or child is developing healthy and at an average pace, Pediatricians and Child Development Experts look at Developmental Milestones.

Developmental Milestones are a set of behavior or physical skills that most children do at a certain age range. In other words, Milestones are markers of a Child's Development from Infancy into Childhood. Many parents know the Milestones for Crawling, Walking, and talking.

The Four Developmental Domains

Developmental Milestones are broken down into four main domains of development: the following are Physical Skills, Language Skills, Cognitive and Social-Emotional skills.

Why are Milestones Important?

Milestones are important because it allows Parents, Pediatricians, and Child Development Experts to know where their child is developmentally and to see what skills he/she will be learning in the next few months.

When To Worry About Your Child's Milestones?

If your child is not meeting their Developmental Milestones for more than a few months. Don’t wait. consider talking to your Baby's Doctor or ask your Baby's Doctor if you wanna get in touch with an agency that can test your child with a developmental delay or developmental disabilities.

Here's the thing; your baby's doctor only sees your baby for a few minutes. They don't see your children playing at home and socializing with others. I live in Los Angeles, California and we have a service that supports children and adults with developmental disabilities and developmental delays called Regional Center. I know other states offer this service too but it's under a different name.

These services will provide assessments, determine eligibility for services, and offer case management services to support you and your child. Sometimes they will provide him/her therapy for a short period of time or a long period of time. It all depends on your child's needs.

How to Celebrate Baby's Milestones

When I talk to Moms, oftentimes they say "time flies, I remember getting home with my baby from the hospital. " That's why it's so important to celebrate each milestone as a win. You can do this in many different ways by taking photos, writing a sweet note, or taking a handprint, and another fun way is to use Baby's First Milestones PDF. The Baby's First Milestones PDF is where you can write down the dates of each milestone win and then use it as a keepsake in your Baby's Book. Another great reason why you should start Baby's First Milestones PDF is that as women we forget certain things. I mean come up, there is already so much to remember.

In Conclusion

I really hoped you enjoyed learning about What is Developmental Milestones, The Four Developmental Domains, Why are Milestones Important, When to Worry, and How to Celebrate Baby's Milestones. Let me know in the comments how you celebrate your Child's Milestones.

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