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What is Parent Coaching?

Hey Mama, have you been wondering lately about What is Parent Coaching? Well, you came to the right place! In this article, we will be discussing What is Parent Coach, How It Work, and so much more. Well let’s dive deep, shall we?

What is a Parent Coach?

Interestingly enough there are a lot of different kinds of Parent Coaches with different types of styles. My Parent Coaching is a collaborative process where I work alongside the mom by assessing her parenting goals/desires. Then we will work together to identify her strengths, build strategies and reflect on her results.

We will then develop a tailored personalized plan with fresh ideas, tools, strategies, and new pair of lenses. We will end the coaching session by having a deep understanding of her strengths, skills, and strategies that can use that work best for her and her family.

​How can Parent Coach Help?

  • Letting you know what Normal Behavior Is?

  • How to set age-appropriate boundaries?

  • How do to parent without bribes or rewards?

  • What is Developmental Appropriate?

  • So Many Toys? Which is Appropriate for my child?

  • How should I focus my time as a Mom, Wife, & Employee?

  • I’m so Exhausted! I can't give my child my full 100%! Is there Anything I can do?

  • Overwhelmed with Resources, but which one is right for my family and me?

  • How to support my Child’s Development without hunting for the information?

  • Am I doing everything I need to do in order to support my Child's Development?

Why Parent Coaching Works?

  • Non-Judgment Professional

  • Sometimes friends and family don't have the answers

  • Sometimes you feel you are all alone in your Parenting Journey

  • You are learning a new Parenting Style but you have questions

  • New insights and ways of looking at your child's behavior

  • Helping you to see yourself and your child through a new lens

  • A knowledgeable "listening ear" to support you in your parenting journey

  • Research-based information on which to make your parenting decisions

How long is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching is a short-term process unlike therapy; it usually takes a few sessions depending on the parents' goals/desires. Parent Coaching sessions can be even scheduled as-needed basis. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or throughout the year. Guess What? I guide, support, and work around your schedule that fits your and your family's needs/wants.

What will a Parent Coaching Session Look Like?

Free Discovery Consultation

Perfect Parenting Plan

Additional Guidance

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

30 Minutes

Phone or Google Meets

Phone or Google Meets

Phone or Google Meets