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What are Count and Clip Cards?

Hey Mama, Count and Clip Cards are a great resource to have especially if you have a preschooler. Why? Well, it keeps your preschooler busy, teaches math skills, and helps with fine motor skills. Well let’s dive deep, shall we?

What are Count and Clip Card?

Clip cards are a fun and visual activity in which the child has to choose one option as an answer among three other options.

When can I start using Count and Clip Cards with my child?

Clip cards can be used with children from pre-K to third grade to teach a large variety of skills going from number recognition to multiplication and subtraction.

How to introduce Counting and Clip Cards to your child?

  1. Begin by asking your child to count how many images are on top of the card. Have your child point to the image and count.

  2. Ask them what number did they get? and say something like okay, remember this number.

  3. Ask your child to name all numbers on the card and say choose how many images are on the page.

  4. Finally, tell them to grab a clip and add it clip to the correct number from the choices at the bottom of the card.

Additional Notes: once they get the hang of everything. You don’t have to be next to your child while doing this activity. Always remember you are building those early math skills for his/her life.

What's The Point of Counting Clip Cards?

Is for the child to practice counting the images on the top of each card and then adding a clothes clip to the correct number from the choices at the bottom of the card, and play again.

Final Thoughts On Count and Clip Cards

Okay, so now you know basically know everything you need to know about Count and Clip Cards. Now it's time to grab a set of Count and Clip Cards! I have created some Nature Number Counting Clip Cards 1-20. What I love about these cards is that they are clear and have realistic pictures. Realistic pictures are great for young children to see because they learn the beauty of each natural element that is in theri world.