Toddler Play Ideas for 1-3 yrs old!

Hi Mamas! Are you looking for New Easy Play Ideas for your Toddler 1-3 years old? Well, I got you! Discover Thirty new ways to Play with your toddler while strengthening his/her developmental skills.

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Play Ideas for One-Year-Old

1) Turn on the Sprinklers

2) Paint inside the Bathtub

3) Draw inside a Cardboard Box

4) Mix Water & Cornstarch in a Cookie Tray

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5) Build a fort with Blankets and Furniture

6) Count your Toddler's Fingers and Toes

7) Rip Magazine pages out, scrunch them into a ball and having a Throwing Contest.

8) Create Discovery Baskets

9) Pretend Play "Taking Care of Baby".

10) Pretend your are on the phone with your Toddler "Using a Banana or Phone".

11) DIY Toddler Wallet- Get an old wallet that you no longer use, grab old gift cards, credit cards, hotel cards, and put them inside the wallet slots. Allow your toddler to take them out and putting them back in.

12) DIY Card Box- Grab an old coffee container, make a slit in the plastic lid where the deck of cards can go in and a few cards and begin to insert one by one.

13) DIY Threadable Bead Toy- Grab a few paper rolls, cut them into three pieces. Now you'll have 9 little rolls. Grab a piece of string *double not the end* and begin to thread the rolls into the string.

14) DIY Musical Shaker- Fill the first bottle with beans, the second bottle with rice, and the third bottle with noodles. Make sure to hot glue the openings and your all done.

15) Transfer Ice Cubes with Fingers, Spoons or even Tongs.

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Play Ideas for Two-Year-Old

16) Sort Pom Poms by Color

17) Go on a Bear Hunt

18) Decorate Diapers with Different Color Permanent Markers

19) Hammer Tees in Styrofoam

20) Make a Balance Beam

21) Toy Washing Station with Water and Soap

22) Sensory Play with Beans or Noodles

23) Create Pillow Roads for Trucks and Cars

24) Paint Toy Cars, Dolls, and Animals.

25) Pretend Play "Take Care of Baby with Band- Aids and Gauze".

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Play Ideas for Three-Year-Old

26) Wash Windows with Water and Sponge

27) Paint Some Sticks & Rocks

28) Feed Toy Animals Water and Dirt

29) Cut Junk Mail with Scissors

30) Play Firefighters using Water Spray Bottles.

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