How to Read Your Baby's Sleepy Cues

Hi Mama, Are you interested in How to Read Your Baby's Sleep Cues? Understanding your Baby Sleep Cues is so crucial because it will let you know what your baby is feeling and needs! It can take a while to learn your Baby Cues, but as long you keep observing you would pick them up quickly.

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What Are Baby Sleep Cues?

Baby Sleep Cues are signals or body language that most babies use to show they are tired and they need to go to sleep.

How does this look like?

  • Becoming very still

  • Becoming quiet

  • Losing interest in people and toys

  • Making jerky movements (in small babies)

  • Frowning or knotting her eyebrows

  • Clenching her fists into tight balls

  • Rubbing eyes and ears

  • Fussing

  • Yawning

  • Clenching fists into a tight ball

How do I respond to these Sleep Cues?

  • Swaddle

  • Baby Massage

  • Dimming the lights

  • Play Soft Music

  • Turn on the Ceiling Fan

  • Sucking Motion ( Give Baby a Pacifier)

  • White Noise (Turn on that White Noise)

  • Repetitive Movement (Rock or Sway Baby)

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