How To Help Your Baby with Strong Emotions

Hey Mama, Looking for some ways to Help your Baby Handling Strong Emotions? Well, let's jump into it. Before you help your infant with their Strong Feelings.

There are three things to remember before you help your baby with their Strong Feelings.

1) Keep Calm: I know it is easier said than done; however, it's important to stay calm because Babies tune into our feelings and reactions; and this can intensify and give more stress to the baby.

So are some ways to stay calm: take a few deep breaths or however you regulate yourself. You can also lay your baby down in a safe place and take a break. Give yourself a few minutes to calm down and attend to your own needs.

Throughout the day try doing some self-care or find ways to take care of yourself: for example drinking enough water, sleeping as much as you can, getting some exercise, and calling friends or family.

It's normal to feel stressed- a crying baby will rattle even the most level-headed person. Why? It has to do with the way our brains are wired. We feel a sense of urgency when babies cry.

It’s almost like a fire alarm goes off in our brains. This is nature’s way of making sure we do our jobs: respond to our babies’ needs and take care of them!

2) Validate Baby Feelings: There are no right or wrong feelings, they're just feelings. So when the baby is feeling sad; you can say something like it's okay to feel sad; it happens. Being sad is a normal feeling. I consider everyone to watch Inside Out. It's a Disney Animated Movie however it opened my eyes to feeling and why feelings are so important to have.

3) Don’t Minimize The Feelings: Children can't be happy all the time (even though we wish them to be). When we try to avoid their strong emotions or even minimize their feelings. It doesn't allow the baby to know how to cope with strong feelings healthily.

Now Let's Help Baby Handle Their Strong Emotions

Ask yourself what are they feeling/experiencing. Before you help your baby with their emotions? You wanna figure out what is going on? Are they tired? Hungry? Sick? Bored? Want Attention?

Put their feelings into words. Begin by naming their feelings to show them that you understand and value their emotions. Express their emotions using 2-4 phrases like Are you getting irritated? Are you upset? Are you scared?

Then do something to support or help them. Try rubbing their back, assure them that it will be okay, and apologize. describe what they're doing, introduce a new toy, and take them outside.

Do you wanna find other ways you can support your baby? Well, Download the Free Resource called Understanding Baby's Cues and Signals. This Guide is loaded with research-based information and appropriate positive responses that Mamas like you can respond to their baby.

So What Are The Pays Off Helping Your Baby With Their Strong Emotions?

Helping your baby with their strong emotions can help them develop coping skills, develop feeling words, feel understood, have a strong parent-child relationship, and learn to manage their stress better when they become teenagers or adults.

In Conclusion

Before you help your baby with their Big Emotions try to remain calm, remember to validate their feelings, and don't minimize their feelings. Now you're ready to help your baby's emotions; ask yourself what are feeling/experiencing, put their feelings into words, and finally do something to support or help them.

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