Eight New Ways To Display Black & White Baby High Contrast Cards

Hey Mamas, Looking for New Ways To Display Your Black & White Baby High Contrast Cards? Well here are 8 new different ways to do so.

Did You Know?

In the first three months, babies can only see colors like black, white, and gray. They also can only focus on objects that are 8-11 inches away. Usually, this is the distance from the parent's face while nursing or feeding.

Experts suggest Parents and Caregivers display Black and White Images to ensure a newborn will achieve the required visual stimulation to full development their eyesight.

Eight New Ways To Display Black & White Baby High Contrast Baby Cards

1) Create Picture Gallery in your Baby's Nursery Room

We often believe Baby's Nursery Room should be in colors like pastels, pinks, blues, and so on fourth. But in fact, experts say it may not be wise to decorate your baby's room with many different colors during the baby's first months because it's the best form of visual stimulation, it will also help with brain growth and development. "Shades of black and white send the strongest signals to a baby's brain". Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. When your baby reaches 3 months then it's okay to introduce more vibrant colors.

2) Display Them In Wooden Frames During Floor Time

To create this activity all you need is a few frames without the glass (I got these from Target), Black & White Cards, Scissors, and you are all done.

Here are some ways to position your baby to enjoy the Black & White Cards lay baby on his/her side, his/her back, on his/her tummy, on your stomach, and finally while you are holding him/her.

It's incredibly important to change your body position throughout the day

3) Display them Across Your Baby's Car Seat

Displaying Black & White Cards while your baby is in his/her car seat is a genius and fun idea. Tape a few black and white baby cards onto the chair and you're done. This will keep your baby engage and let them work on their focusing skills while you're doing errands, getting coffee, and so on fourth. Photo from lovevery.com

4) Create Nursery Mobile

So you can either create Nursery Mobiles with your Black & White Images or you can create one that Amy from peekaboopages and Cherie from youandmie made.

I think this Mobile is so adorable. If you aren't a DIYer then I suggest you can get a nursery mobile from Etsy exactly like this one.

Photo from peekaboopages.com & youandmie.com

5) Create High Contrast Activity Box For Tummy Time

To create this box all you need is a shoebox, or something smaller. Black & White Images, brown or white wrapping paper, tape, or glue.

Begin by wrapping the box like a Christmas/Birthday present.

Tape/Glue black and white images on each side of the box and display the box while your baby is doing Tummy Time.

6) Lovevery Inspired Standing Card Holder

I think the Black and White Board Book from Tana Hobana & the Lovevery Standing Card Holder is so adorable. However, sometimes you wanna just create something for your baby!

This Standing Card Holder is increasable easy to make all you need is black and white images, a cardboard box, scissors, and glue. Cut down the cardboard box of whatever length you wish. Then fold the cardboard box like an accordion and attach the pictures.

7) Tana Hoban Inspired Black & White Board Book

To create this Book all you need is a few items few zip lock bags, black and white images, a hole puncher, paper, and two metal rings.

Attaching Five Black & White Images onto 5 different pieces of paper. Then each piece of paper has the Black and White Image in each zip lock bag. Then hole punches two holes one on the top left corner and the bottom left corner.

Finally, attach the two metal rings on each corner, and bam you got yourself a Black and White Book.

8) Display Images on Paper Plates

I know funny right, but displaying Black & White Baby Cards on paper plates do get the job done and it's so simple so why not. You can either glue or tape them onto the plate and bam you're done.

While displaying the images, talk to your baby about the image, for example, "Do you see the White Crab? I think he trying to crawl back to the Beach?

In Conclusion

Well, I hope you guys enjoy Eight New Ways To Display Black & White Baby High Contrast Cards. If you haven't already purchased Black & White Cards. Then I suggest you take a look in my Printable Shop so you can easily download it in seconds. Also please comment below and let me know if this post was helpful?