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Best Divorce Books for Preschoolers

Hey Mama, are you looking for a Children’s Book about Divorce that is specific to your Preschooler's Age? Well, I will be talking about Four Unique Divorce Books that will help your child make sense of this concept and plus living in two homes. Well let’s dive deep, shall we?

Helping Children Understand Divorce

Divorce is a tough topic for kids to understand, that is where books come in. Books can help parents find the words to explain concepts that seem too tough for young minds. For that reason, I came up with four children’s books that can help kids understand and begin to process divorce.

Kids Might Have Big Feelings!

It's normal for children to experience a wide range of emotions especially if their parents are going through a separation and divorce. One of the things you do as a parent is to help your child identify their Feelings and use Calming Down Flash Cards.

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Here are My Top Best Divorce Books for Preschoolers

1. My Family’s Changing by Pat Thomas - This helpful picture book explores the issue of divorce in reassuringly simple terms. Children's fears, worries, and questions about this difficult experience are made accessible and approachable.

2. Two Homes-Laire Masurel - This book explores divorce where Alex has a soft chair at his mom’s house. He has a rocking chair at his dad’s. In both homes, he has a special space, friends, and lots of love. Described as “simple, yet profoundly satisfying,” by Booklist, “My Two Homes” helps kids focus on what they’ve found, rather than what they’ve lost in divorce.

3. Living with Mom and Living with Dad - Melanie Walsh - For young children who live in two homes, this bright, simple story with oversized flaps reassures young readers that there is love in each one. Her parents don't live together anymore, so sometimes the child in this book lives with her mom and cat, and sometimes with her Dad.

4. Standing On My Own Two Feet- Tamara Schmitz- Addison is a regular kid whose parents are going through a divorce, but he knows that no matter what happens, his parents will always love him. The text in this beautifully illustrated picture book is inspiring, gentle, and uplifting, and it teaches kids that having two homes to live in can be just as great as having two strong feet to stand on.

Final Thoughts On Best Divorce Books for Preschoolers

I hope you enjoyed My Top Four Best Divorce Books for Preschoolers! I know there are so many books out there, however, I did not include the majority in this post because I felt some were not appropriate especially because not all divorces look the same. However, I hope these books can help your Preschooler normalize what they are going through. Let me know in the comments if you found these Books Helpful?

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