About Mommy Guider

Hi, I’m Shaina. It's nice to meet you. I am the Owner & Parent Coach of Mommy Guider.

So a little about me =) I live in Los Angeles, California. I live with the love of my life Alex. My favorite Food is Hot Wings & Asian Food <3 I enjoy the cold weather & being in Nature. 

I've been working in the field of Early Childhood Education as a Preschool Teacher for over 10+ Years has been truly amazing and rewarding.

From working with Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers in the Most Popular Preschool Education Approaches here in Los Angeles such as Traditional, Montessori, and Play-Based.

I always loved being in the classroom. I also enjoyed talking to parents and answering their questions. A few months later after receiving my Master's. I got a calling to become a Parent Coach.
I noticed a lot of Mamas were experiencing stress, anger, and burnout. I wanted Mamas to understand that they had the skills. They just needed a Parent Coach to guide them along their journey.
So Since then I've been supporting and guiding Mamas with Daily Parenting Challenges, Infant/Toddler Care, Child Milestones Assessments, Play Ideas that Support Milestones and Skills, Parent-Child Interaction, & Child Development. 

My Philosophy

My Philosophy has been sharpened by my own childhood upbringing, the wide range of teaching philosophies as learned as a 10-year Preschool Teacher, receiving a Master's in Early Childhood Education Specializing in Trauma Studies, & my passion for Education. I do use a combination of Parenting Philosophies and Preschool Approaches: Attachment Parenting, Positive Discipline, Play-Based Education, Montessori, and Emergent Curriculum. 


  • We can teach children life skills through theri early years 

  • We encourage children to express their emotions by openly accepting and acknowledging them.

  • We allow children to problem-solve and experience and learn from age-appropriate conflicts with our support.

  • We can teach children to deal with stress in healthy ways and manage their emotions. 

  • We can teach children responsibility, self-discipline, problem-solving skills, and cooperation. 

  • We recognize that children need confident, empathic leaders and clear boundaries

Education & Credentials 

Early Childhood Education

Breastfeeding Educator 

Positive Discipline 
Parent Educator